Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last year I borrowed a welder from Donovan, my Halloween fabricating colleague. I had to fab a cart that would be a roving platform for the tentacle. It was a MIG wirefeed welder and even being a complete welding newb, I produced a very functional unit.
From Tangle of Wires
My family got sick of hearing me wax on about the joys of welding and they got me a welder for my birthday. This is a bargain unit from Harbor Freight. We've got a Harbor Freight store close by and while the quality isn't always the best, the price/performance can't be beat. For us seasonal warriors, the gear works well. I started with flux core wire, but my results were pretty ugly. I added a regulator, and a small tank of C25 gas (75% argon, 25% C02) from my local Praxair store. I got a spool of the regular wire as well and now my welds look terrific!! What a difference in weld quality. Now I just need some serious practice. I've only welded ornamental additions on my pumpkin hanging shepards hooks so far this year, but plan to get more use fabricating various odds and ends.
From Tangle of Wires

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Bruce said...

Very cool. I would love to see that welder in action.