Thursday, September 10, 2009

'Tis the Season...

Halloween is coming up quickly and I've been negligent in posting any new blog entries for a long time. My plan is to do the Woodland Park Zoo Pumpkin Prowl Event again this year, at least if we can work through the insurance requirements for us wee vendors at the zoo. Liability insurance for events is 'spensive to say the least. And it appears hard to get a policy tailored to my situation. Getting quotes now from the various providers that do coverage for Halloween events -- stay tuned.

Not sure it there will be any new biggies this year, so many details still to do in the existing props. The witch will get some new features, she is still too static right now. I'm hoping to add a new Pumpkin Fountain controller that will still interface with the Zoo's Z-Play control system, but allow me direct access and control and tuning as well. Also it will be easier to monitor what is happening with it. Ethernet interface, arduino controller, and vmusic2 sound. Options for triggers and remote manual control, test modes for setting the sensors, and manual control of the duty cycle. Also control of the lights, fountain pump and compressor too. Web interface, hoping for syslog for logging, email out for alerts (low water, low air pressure, etc.) and more. We'll see how far I get. Can't seem to find any good pictures of the Pumpkin Fountain at the moment, the picture here is just after setup, but before the pumpkins were on it.

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