Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pumpkin Carving -- Nice!

Every year, just before show time, comes that little wave of panic knowing that you've got to carve some hot jack o'lanterns.   I scour through my own old pictures looking at previous pumpkins that worked well and also cruise the web to find nuggets of inspiration.   I wish I had found this site, Pumpkin Way, earlier, talk about inspiration.   I've used some of these techniques before, like the partial carve through, but these pumpkins are particularly well done.

I also like how the face is obviously adapted to the pumpkin.   I've always been a fan of the imperfect pumpkin, the pumpkin in the pile that was unique in some way.   Some of the oddball pumpkins give instant inspiration.   The hardest pumpkin for me to carve is the classic, perfectly formed pumpkin.  If I don't have a planned use for the perfect pumpkin, I usually end up frozen, staring glazed at the orange orb with "carvers block."

And finally, the photography is exceptional.  I've wanted to spend some time photographing my jack o'lanterns but never have the time in the heat of the event.
Check all of them out here at Pumpkin Way

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