Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Flying Ghost -- I've been out done!

Long ago, in the days of the Halloween-l mailing list, I invented a ghost system that came to be known as the Axworthy Flying Ghost.     Mine was relegated to a fixed flight path with a complex system of pulleys.   But now, Michael from Utah Aerials has built a remote control flying ghost that is free to roam in the range of the RC transmitter. 

And it gets better, it even broadcasts back video!

Here is a picture of the device.    It is based on the platform from kkmulticopter.com.    The biggest drawback I can see in proper haunt use, is the obvious noise this would create.     My tethered specter at least has the advantage of being whisper quiet.    As soon as the black ops stealth model comes out, I'll be building a new ghost.

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