Monday, October 25, 2010

Polaroids - Neo Vintage Halloween

Sweeet!  Pumpkinrot has some great new-old Halloween pictures.

Taken with old-school Polaroid gear, they specifically went in search of vintage Halloween items.

I'm a huge fan of Polaroid pictures, they have a certain quality to them.   As part of my pumpkin photography project I plan to shoot some Polaroids as well and I'll have them coming before too long.

I've got my Dad's old 4x5 Crown Graphic Graphlex with a Polaroid back.   I only shoot black and white and it takes amazing pictures.    Polaroid stopped producing the film, though there is another brand available now.   I've only got a few shots left but I'm going to use them for pumpkin shots.

Go visit Pumpkinrot to check out all the pictures.  

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