Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Prowl 2009

Pumpkin Prowl at Woodland Park Zoo finished up last week. Finally getting caught up on sleep and just now getting pictures posted.

The weather was iffy on Friday and Sunday, but Saturday was nice and it was *packed*. Donovan's full spider made its debut, it really looked great. His banshee got worked over as well and kept people mesmerized. The witch got a voice this year and movement with an over-sized FCG mechanism. The new controller worked flawlessly, though there is a lot of programming to go before it gets its full web control.

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Drone #7869Cg1001-Z said...

Glad you snapped so many pics, and they look great.

First round of youtube posted, just 2 spider vids so far. I need to rotate the others.